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We undertake large or small events for audiences of varied interests, always working with excellence in every stage, from initial planning to the follow-up after the completion of each cultural project.


Every year we organize, in conjunction with some big labels, a series of classical and popular music; film productions and cultural programs for television; and dance shows in national and international arenas.


Our team brings artists and the public together in the best possible conditions and in the most appropriate environment.




We offer a team of specialists in planning and marketing, visual technicians and publicity strategists, together with the complete structure needed to undertake corporate events, focusing on the satisfaction of your company’s requirements and aims.


Brasil Produções would be happy to process invitations and promotional gifts, when required.



Our musicians and dancers, either individually or in groups, can turn your commemorative event into a unique and unforgettable experience.




Our specialists in cultural promotion legislation, well-known by public and private enterprises, are able to facilitate and to take forward a cultural project through all its stages, from the analysis of the promotional potential of the sponsorship to a full accountability at the end.


We operate at municipal, state or federal levels.


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